The Oceanic 373 Fastbuild Kit (FBK) comes with everything you need to assemble your dream catamaran
The Oceanic 373 Fastbuild kit (FBK) is infusion
moulded, achieving the ultimate strength to
weight ratio for composite construction.
With the added advantage of fully finished gelcoat
surfaces with moulded nonskid deck patterns.

Galley Up, Galley Down, Forward Ensuite - The choice is yours
RMK Marine took a serious look at how the home builder could build his/her own catamaran without years of work to achieve the finish of professionals.

We got it right from the beginning - by building upright (we must have, as others have decided to copy the idea). Because the boat is assembled the right way up you don't have to turn over the hulls during construction, but the big advantage is the fully moulded components that form the shell.

Build time is now reduced considerably as you do not have to spend hundreds of hours on the filling, fairing and painting. You don't even have to create hatch openings, pads and bases for stanchions, cleats, winches, tracks or windows - it is all done for you !!

You can even choose our pre-finished furniture components to make your job even easier still.
We realized that the home builder does not have the time or the resources to buy the components and fittings to complete the project and ends up using precious weekends to purchase parts and fittings. So again, we have made it easy - we supply you a rigging kit, fittings kit, electrical kit, even resins, glues, fillers and glass cloth. Perhaps the the most important component of the kit for the home builder - THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL.
It even covers such things as what hardners to use with resins.
The real bonus is in the area of re-sale as the finish on your catamaran is the same as the next one, unlike amateur finishes that rely on the skills of the owner which ends up making each boat somewhat unique.

The Oceanic 373 Fastbuild Kit can be container shipped with delivery to anywhere in the world.

Included in the Kit . . . STAGE 1


Flat Panel Pack


Material to assemble and bond the kit
Assembly Instruction and Engineering Drawings

Construction and materials.
Construction of the kit utilises infusion method and modern composite moulding techniques. Hull and deck structures are built utilising modified epoxy resins, core materials are a combination of PVC foam and end grain balsa, with multiaxial glass cloths as reinforcement. All parts that require bonding via glass tapes is performed in rebated grooves of the moulded parts, requiring very minimal fairing and colour blending at the end of the job.


All of Stage 1 plus

Furniture Components